To provide better support and advice, all North American applications are coordinated by the North American Admissions office in Vancouver, Canada.

Contact us for details : Phone: 604.628.1647 -or- 1.866.602.6628
Fax: 604.601.2108
Email: info@iedDesign.com

Enrollment Form:

Bullet IMG3 Years Undergraduate Program ( PDF File )
Bullet IMG1 Year Undergraduate Program ( PDF File )
Bullet IMGMaster Program ( PDF File )
Bullet IMGSummer Program ( PDF File )

Enrollment Procedure:

To speed up the process, student could also fax/email the Enrollment Form and then send it by mail (a hardcopy must be received). The North American Admissions Office is available to students for help and advice on any part of the enrollment procedure, including resume and portfolio.

Bullet IMG 1st Step:

Send an enrolllment package to the North American Admissions Office. The package should include:
  1. A completed enrollment form
  2. A photocopy of your passport
  3. 4 passport sized photos
  4. School diploma(s) and official transcripts
  5. Resume or CV with full description of education and work experience in related fields
  6. A porfolio, which may include: a statement of purpose, recommendation letter from employers or instructors in the related field, sketches, essays, critiques, finished works, some unrelated artworks.
  7. Proof of adequate English (if applying for an English program). Students who have studied more than three years of English will not require this.
Bullet IMG 2nd Step:

The package will be reviewed by the North American Admissions Office. If no suggestions or changes are made/required, the package will be sent to the Dean of Admissions in Europe. After about 2-4 weeks, the student should know the Dean’s decision. If a student is accepted into a program, they can then pay the enrollment deposit. Before this, there is no service charge for applying. Their placement at the school will be secured once we receive their copy of the Bank’s receipt.

Bullet IMG 3rd Step:

Students will then be guided through their study visa application and will be offered a pre-departure orientation shortly before leaving for Europe.

Student enrolled in the summer program can mail or fax their enrollment form directly to the North American Admissions Office.