Madrid, in almost the precise centre of Spain , is a great capital, active, creative and unsleeping.

 Once an almost purely administrative city, it is now one of the driving forces of economic, cultural and tourism development in a nation of an incredible vitality and dynamism, a country that has rapidly become a driver of development among the 27 member states of the Europe Union.

 Madrid ’s traditional administrative and financial activities have now been joined by its fervent interest in the automotive and numerous other manufacturing industries. To this must be added the vigorous growth in the tourism, culture and entertainment industry in recent decades, which made Madrid a worthy European capital of culture in 1992.

 Madrid is now a city undergoing constant, intense transformation: a successful blend between culture and metropolitan rituals, a courageous training ground for the vanguard of architects and fashion designers, a focus where you can meet and capture the latest trends in art and fashion, amid extravagant contemporary installations and night spots crowded with young stylists and unrelenting trend scouts, infected by the energy that pervades the entire city.

 It was in this city, throbbing with vitality and innovation, that IED opened its first Spanish location in 1994.

 Keeping faith with the school’s philosophy, there was immediate evidence of the vital bond between the school and the local economic fabric: the union between knowing what and knowing how, multidisciplinary teaching by cross-fertilisation, a strong international vocation and the constant striving to innovate and undertake creative research are the principles that guide the school’s activity and bind it increasingly closely to the city and its values.


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