A city that lives as though it were suspended between land and water. A place where the complexity of urban life is diluted by the rhythms set by nature and by the relationship – the only one of its kind in the world – between the breath of the sea and the bustling busyness of dry land.

 Venice the international city of commerce and history, tourism and the arts. City of major exhibitions and intense emotions, of the Biennale and the Golden Lion, of carnival along every canal and in every square, but also of silent islands and forests waiting to be discovered.

 Venice and its hinterland guard their history jealously, keeping not only their art, their theatre, their music and their nature alive, but also their solid manufacturing and industrial traditions. Suffice to cite the leather footwear district along the Riviera del Brenta and the world-famous artistic glass blowers of Murano, both crafts with venerable manufacturing traditions and a strong international vocation.

 Then there are the cultural heritage district, encompassing all the businesses working on restoration and conservation, and the widespread presence in the hinterland of systems capable of involving thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, such as the clothing fabrics and woollens industries.

 Last but not least, Venice can boast its important shipbuilding and shipyard tradition, celebrated the world over for the quality of its craftsmanship and the originality of its organisational models.

 IEDestablished close contact with these cultural, economic and production systems, whose values it recognises and respects,inaugurating its new location in 2007 on the Island of Certosa, a perfect place for studying, researching and building on the topics that constitute the city’s most intimate identity.

 The courses at IEDVenice are the result of this ideal commitment and of the innovative, creative design approach for which the Institute is renowned.

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